Which edition of the software should I purchase?

Paper Tiger desktop software is offered in three editions: Basic, Professional and Network.  Each edition of the software does the same thing, however, they have different features that could help you, depending on your particular circumstances.  We have prepared a comparison chart that is available on the website Pricing page. Click here for further details and to see a comparison chart of the features.

The Basic edition has most but not all features and only allows you to file to 2 Locations within the database, i.e., Action Location, Reference Location. 

See our Not Just for Filing Paper webpage for additional ways to use Paper Tiger.

If you plan to differentiate your filing system more than Action and Reference, and maybe also get organized in your Books, CD and DVD collections, we recommend the Professional edition.

If you need Paper Tiger on more than one computer or more than one user to share the same database and your computers are networked, we recommend the Network edition. You will need one license per computer/per person that needs to share the same database. For example, you will need 3 licenses of the Network edition if 3 users will be using Paper Tiger, or if you will be installing the software on 3 different computers.

Our desktop, downloadable version of Paper Tiger is a Windows only software. If you have a Mac, and you do not want to use Paper Tiger Online which is our web-based version, you would need to install Paper Tiger desktop onto a virtual Windows program for the Mac such as Virtual Box or Parallels.

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