How do I get technical support?


You'll be able to use our dedicated ticket-based support help desk including instant access to our 24/7 support knowledge base at and where you will also be able to open a support ticket.


  • Ticket based support system for increased efficiency, and giving you access to your tickets 24/7
  • Support tickets can be raised or answered via email, or through our online help desk.
  • Includes instant access to our 24/7 support knowledge base for immediate answers to many common enquiries. 
  • We aim to respond within 1 working day to enquiries, and certainly within 1-2 working days.


We suggest first searching our knowledge base in which we strive to include every known issue with step by step instructions.

If you do not find your answer in our knowledge base, click on the Open Support Request button. Input as much information as you can regarding the question or problem you have with Paper Tiger so that your solution will not be delayed by our tech support team having to request additional information and they can be as concise as possible when responding. Some of the information they need is: What version 4 build of Paper Tiger are you running, Windows operating system is your PC running, what version of internet browser are you using, the error message including screenshots if possible, etc. 

As information, if you are in version 4, most errors are cleared by updating to the latest build which is 4.1.28. You can get updates by going to our Paper Tiger Desktop Support page at

Support Calendar

Please note that versions 1, 2 and 3 are no longer supported. If you are having a problem with versions prior to 4, you will need to upgrade. Our tech support team has not conducted testing on any problems with versions prior to 4 since the support end dates as shown below:

Paper Tiger version 1: support ended 12/31/2003

Paper Tiger version 2: support ended 12/31/2005

Paper Tiger version 3: support ended for single user edition 8/10/2007 and for network edition 12/19/2007

As of 7/11/2006, support has ended for Paper Tiger customers using the following operating systems(s):

Windows 95
Windows NT
Windows 98/98SE
Windows ME

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