How can the cells in the browser's grid be resized?


To change the width of columns,

  1. move the cursor up to the column headers
  2. When the cursor passes over the divider between two column headers, the cursor icon changes to a pair of arrows pointing outward
  3. While this cursor is displayed, click on the column divider and drag to resize the column (Refer Image 1)
  4. Release the mouse button to stop resizing the column.


                                                                            Image 1

To change the height of the rows, move the cursor to the row headers at the left of the browser. Similar to resizing the columns, you can click on the row separators and drag to change the height of the rows (Refer Image 2). Note that all rows will be the same height, but each column can be a different size. These settings will be permanently saved for the next time you use the software. To reset back to the default settings, click on the "Browser > Reset Grid Defaults in the menu.


                           Image 2

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