How do I use The Paper Tiger software on my Palm or Visor PDA?


Here are step-by-step instructions for how to use the Paper Tiger software on your PDA (Palm or Visor):

  1. You'll need a program called Documents to Go.
  2. After exporting to a text file in Paper Tiger, you open Microsoft Excel. On the toolbar, click File then Open and choose the text file of the Paper Tiger exported database.
  3. Excel pops up a window called Text Import Wizard. It will have two buttons, one for Delimited, and one for Fixed Width. Choose Delimited, then press the Next arrow.
  4. Then you'll see a window that says Delimiters and has boxes you can check — uncheck the one that says Tab and check the one that says Comma. Then press the Next arrow.
  5. Where it says Column Data Format, it should have General selected — leave it that way and press Finish.
  6. Your Paper Tiger database is now an EXCEL SPREADSHEET! You can adjust the column widths of Column B (the Item Names) to make it more easily readable.
  7. Click the top left corner of the spreadsheet to select the whole thing. On Excel's toolbar, click Data, then Sort. In the Sort By window, select Column B from the dropdown menu — this will be your Item Name column. Leave Ascending selected as the choice for the sort, then click OK.
  8. Your data is now Alphabetized by the Item Name!
  9. Now save your spreadsheet as a Microsoft Excel Worksheet format.
  10. Go to Documents to Go and add the Excel file to your hotsync list to be downloaded.
  11. When you HotSync, you now have your Paper Tiger database right there.
  12. Now for the even MORE fun part…it is SEARCHABLE! On your Palm, open the spreadsheet in Sheets To Go. While viewing the spreadsheet, touch your Menu button, then Edit then Find. Enter ANY KEYWORD and it will find it, just like Paper Tiger!


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